London based musician and producer DYVR describes his sound as ‘minimal electronic’ but uses that sonic template to paint vivid pictures that reflect his experiences of growing up in a rich and diverse urban environment. After a recent live tour, he’s back with a bang courtesy of the beautiful Ghost Hands.

Inviting some comparison musically with acts like Valley Hush and LANNDS, his music nevertheless has a more a more soulful, slightly darker feel, in large part down to the complex and sublime intensity of the vocals.

Shades of drum and bass, trip house and downtempo fuse with more ambient textures to create the sensation of watching the city, of watching life unfold, but from a distance; still connected emotionally to the sprawl and bustle of life.

DYVR wrote on Facebook about the motivation behind the lyrical content of Ghost Hands: “I spend a lot of time talking about memories and how they impact the person that I am now. I think what I write will always be that personal to me. Ghost Hands is a song about being scared and how we paint our memories with emotion. We are all creative and we all tell stories – to others and to ourselves. These stories could be happy, sad, scary – but the important thing is that they are ours. We give the stories life, not the other way around”.

Ghost Hands is out now via Veta Records and can be streamed on Spotify along with his back catalogue.