Eldridge Rodriguez began as the songwriting alter ego of Cameron Keiber, but grew organically to include Clayton Keiber, as well as Dennis and Dave Grabowski. Eldridge Rodriguez say their lyrics come from the world around them, their music from disparate sources. Intrigued? Listen below to find out more.

The track is post-punk with a decidedly personal-political, college rock edge. The energetic lead vocals are the driving force for a song that creates a bracing wall of guitars and percussion and takes a dry, witty look at relationships in a vibrant, vivid manner. Serving up a sound that is both enjoyably noisy and deliciously poppy, it’s a fine showcase for the band’s latest album.

Your Dead Boyfriend is on Slightest of Treason, out now via Midriff Records. Catch up with the band on their socials, including Twitter and Facebook, to find out more about them and the album.