With its world-weary take on dark, electronica-drenched pop, Rosie by Esbie Fonte still makes for a surprisingly engaging listen – give it a spin and you’ll know what we mean.

Loosely based on the old ‘Ring a Rosie’ nursery rhyme, the arrangement captures the same air of innocence and danger – in popular culture it’s often misidentified as being about the Great Plague of London, but here it’s a reference to obscuring the reality death by utilising the beauty of flowers.

A sparse percussion duels with stark synths and Fonte’s distinctive but delicious voice which sounds like it’s been filtered through a Bohemian haze of cheap whisky and cheaper cigarettes, chronicling a life to be endured it seems, as a story from the dark side of modern living which most of us never glimpse.

Think Tom Waits meeting Lotte Lenya in an overcrowded tenement on a hot, humid night – that’s Rosie.

Rosie is out now, for more information on streaming the track, you can check our her official Facebook and Twitter accounts or just head on over to Spotify.