New Music: Firstworld – Running Away

  • New Music: Firstworld - Running Away

South Florida based project Firstworld (initially Kris Alvarez, but now including Daniella Chamorro and Joey Prats) follows up the release of their I’m Still Here six track EP by dropping a new single, Running Away from it – check it out below.

The emotive lyrics; ‘Everyday / I keep running away / Acting a fool when I / See my mistake’ intoned with the reverbed vocals capture the moment where an individual recognises negative aspects of their emotions and behaviours and struggles through the process of accepting them – and understanding their effect on others.

The organic percussion gives the song a natural, beating rhythm that reinforces the turmoil on display, as the understated, softly repeated melody softens some of the sting of the often stark lyrics.

Alvarez says the EP was largely inspired by true events – describing it as ‘a modern love story riddled with ambiguity and uncertainty. The story is chronicled through six songs, each one depicting a difficult and confusing stage in a relationship. In the pursuit of love, we often confuse or conflate the things we want with what we need at the moment, leaving us unfulfilled once the dust has settled.’

Running Away is streaming now on Spotify and Bandcamp. You can find out more about streaming the EP on Soundcloud and Facebook.

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