Swedish interdisciplinary artist and electronic musician Galleriet (aka Katharina Stenbeck) is following up her 2017 debut album Romantic Gestures with a new EP called Send Me Your Daughter, the first public fruit of which is the leftfield, lively and lovely Senga.

Galleriet professes a deep admiration for the work of Talking Heads and David Byrne, and that’s something you can hear shine through in the way she takes pop and fuses it with art and a bit of an edge. What you get with Segna is a track that is lush and romantic, but also one that gives off an aura in keeping with the wonderful art/rock/pop style that Byrne and co popularised.

Stenbeck’s voice lifts the track to a different plane, operatic and imperious at times like Liza Minelli or Grace Jones, but changing tack to evoke the early urban flair of Madonna’s New York disco period. Combine all that and you get a song that is catchy, but can be as bubble-gum or profound as you want it to be. And that is quite a skill.

Senga is out now, there’s be an official video for the track out now, and the Send Me Your Daughter EP follows on September 14th – keep and eye on the Galleriet Facebook and Twitter feeds for more details.