Based in Queens, New York, Glassio is the new wave/dream-pop project of Irish-Iranian songwriter and producer Sam R. That eclectic mix comes through on new single Breaking Through, as you can hear below.

As well as being a delight to listen to, Breaking Through is a very clever and well-constructed song. You can pick up whispers of the current vogue for the pop-indie-folk in the melody and chorus, that’s for sure. But, that’s transposed into an electronic sound that strips away the sometimes-anodyne elements of that sound, Instead, it replaces them with a quirky, sparky sense of rhythm, movement, and emotion that’s hard to resist.

Sam R says of the song and album, “I wanted to take electronic-pop tropes and use them in a more fragile, loving way. I think there’s a bit of spiritual nature to the album — much of it is about rediscovering your faith in the world and those around you, as well as yourself, and much of it is about accepting fate. For those reasons, I wanted the songs to all sort of feel like little electronic-pop hymns.

The record is about proudly displaying and accepting fragility. I needed the mixes and production to mirror that too. Nothing is mixed ‘perfectly’ by any means. I like having some instruments uncomfortably quiet and some uncomfortably loud. Many of the songs on the record are about feeling very disconnected and isolated from the world.”

For The Very Last Time is out now on Bandcamp and other services – click here for more information. To find out more about Glassio, their music, and the album, check out their social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook