Israeli trio Hillhar (Louharya on vocals and keyboard, Assaf Twina on keyboard, vocals, guitars, computer and Ableton, and Dar Bachar on vocals and guitars) say the band was ‘born out of a musical belief that saw music as a tool to bring people together.’ With music as beautiful as Undercover it’s a noble and successful aim. Check out the thought-provoking video for the track to learn more.

Hints of progressive rock seem to work their way through the nominally electropop arrangement, as if the works of Yes were distilled in to a four-minute pop song. But pop it is, with and open and engaging ambience largely down to the warm and engaging lead vocals. The band describe the song as a ‘wake-up call to a person who lives their life on autopilot… Trapped in addiction, illusion and the spider webs of the Matrix’; something that comes across in the dreamy synths and gentle guitar riffs. That you don’t have to show strength to be strong seems to be a message of the song, and it is a concept that also describes Undercover itself.

Undercover is from the trio’s Earthly Divine album, details on how to stream the track can be found on their official Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds.