Manchester’s prime purveyor of soulful synthpop Husk (Alfie Austin) is back with a new single that takes elements of the Scandinavian sounds of Xenomania and turns them in to something lush and relatable. Check out the delightfully decadent Could You Forgive Me and prepare to be led astray by Husk.

The song is a masterclass in sleek, sophisticated pop, as sensual as is it smooth. There’s an overtly provocative streak to the track, with the sensuality of the lyrics evoking comparisons with Prince at times. Conjuring up an ambience of a boudoir where the imagination is allowed to run wild, but still retain a sense of mystery, Could You Forgive Me is a perfect soundtrack for seduction.

Husk had this to say about the inspiration behind the track: ‘I wrote the track after watching a very classy drag show that was sexy-as-hell. I wanted to capture that and add my own unrefined expression, as well as that feeling of when you have an epic crush on someone – it’s new, it’s exciting, there’s electricity.’

Could You Forgive Me  is out now on all good digital streaming services – click here for more information. For news on releases and gigs – including one with Spray at their album launch party this 31st of May – be sure to follow Husk out on Twitter, Facebook and  Instagram.