Beatiful (no, it’s not a typo!) by UK-based Finnish musician Inka Upendo is a bouncing, blistering new PC-infused track that’ll feature on her debut EP which will be released in early October 2019.

Industrial percussion and sharp synth sounds tussle for supremacy with the hushed sensuality of Upendo’s pitch shifted vocals and the tight, wall shaking dominance of the bassline. It would be the perfect soundtrack for a cat playing with a mouse, or a business playing with customers, turning the phrase ‘work, buy, consume, die’ into a slogan as catchy and cynical as anything a multinational manages to implant into our lives.

Speaking about Beatiful , Inka says: ‘The song started from feelings of anguish towards this twisted circle of life where we work, buy, consume and ultimately die. And for what? When I was 16, all I wanted to do was to shop for new stuff with my friends. I remember the shock when I found out that my favourite makeup brand L’Oréal tested on animals and I knew nothing about it. I realised all these brands were putting ideas in my head, like Coca Cola telling me I’d be cool if I shared a coke and L’Oréal saying I’m ”worth it”… when in fact Coke ruins your health and innocent animals suffered for all that makeup that I bought. I felt so angry.’

Beatiful is out now via archForm. For details on stream or downloading the song, as well as news on any upcoming live appearences, check out Upendo’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.