New Music: Isr Sach – Criminal Minds

  • New Music: Isr Sach - Criminal Minds

Mexicali resident Isr Sach wrote Criminal Minds in 2010 for his first EP, in reaction to immigration issues happening in Arizona state at that time. As history repeats itself in the Trump era, he’s decided to revisit the song.

Polemical synthpop, Criminal Minds takes a stark and passionate look at the treatment of immigrants, legal and otherwise, to America.

That desire to communicate his burning anger is reinforced by an arrangement that has a flavour of old school EBM, but with a dash of 80s synthpop.

It hits the listener a real one-two: working to get the heart racing and blood pumping in response to the forthright lyrics and pounding, catchy beat.

You can check out the track and more of Isr Sach’s music on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Spotify.

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