A beautiful but sometimes challenging audio-visual experience, Zero: by Prague’s JAF 34, comes from their upcoming ambient/post-rock album Empty and is a short, sharp and earth-shaking piece of art.

The song feels as much an experiment as it does an artistic statement, taking subtle and ethereal tones and grafting them on to something more sombre if not threatening in tone. Like Lisa Gerrard meeting Tristan Shone, that balance – or deliberate imbalance – between light and dark, harsh and soft, is something that can both can soothe and unsettle the listener. As it ends, it leaves you waiting, wanting more but not being quite sure if what’s to follow will delight you or instead be something from the darker edges of unreality.

JAF 34’s Zero: is out now, for information on how to stream and download the song, as well as their Prague live event on 18th of September at VNITROBLOCK , check out their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.