Downhill is the first amongst equals on the new INVICTA EP from Karolina Rose, an artist who turned her back on a more lucrative career in finance to follow her artistic passion as a musician and producer.

The husky richness to her voice is allowed some free range here, acting as a fine counterpoint to her effortless ability to express power and emotion when she lets her voice take wing. It’s a voice that can dominate the listener without overwhelming them, letting the underlying message in the lyrics come through in an unhurried manner.

With an arrangement that takes the orchestral majesty of Within Temptation and marries it to a more personal, intimate vocal that puts us in mind of Kate Bush at her most reflective, the track is indeed a real beauty.

Be sure to check out the entire EP, including the upbeat electro moodiness of Going To Berlin – an anthem for freedom and following you dreams.

The Polish-American singer currently based in Brooklyn had this to say about the track and EP: “The word ‘INVICTA’ means unconquered and is found on the coat of arms of Warsaw (the city where my parents come from), so the title represents my strength and who I am. From quitting my job on Wall Street to having to navigate a brand-new industry, there was a lot to learn on the journey towards INVICTA’s creation. Following your truth is not always the easy choice. And for that I call the record INVICTA; it is to say: ‘I did it and I am ready to fight for what I love.”

You can stream the entire EP on Spotify and Soundcloud, as well as iTunes. You can catch up with news about Karolina Rose on Facebook and Twitter.