Stockholm psych rockers Les Big Byrd are one of the latest bands to make the trip to Tapetown Studio in Aarhus to record a live session. One of the highlights of that set is live favourite Geräusche.

The live version allows the Krautrock-leaning tones of the track to blossom, running as it does for around seven minutes. With hints of the period in Kraftwerk’s musical development where they progressed from being rock outsiders to electronic pioneers, the piece has a feeling of familiarity to it, but maintains its sense of individuality by incorporating rock phrasing in the guitars and vocals.

What you get then, is a track that embodies much of the hypnotic beauty inherent in the Krautrock genre but with more purpose and direction which mere copyists often employ. It’s a pleasure to listen to.

Geräusche is from the band’s current release Iran Iraq IKEA which is out now on Swedish label PNKSLM Recordings. You can stream the album on Spotify and it’s also available via Bandcamp.

Photo credit: Kim Wijk.