With their sophomore release, Ms. Dick, due for release this September via Earth Libraries, Lil White Bitch have dropped Rock Music. They describe the album as ‘a straightforward, low down, no good jammer cooked up on a stovetop in central Alabama.’ Watch the video for the song below.

The group won’t be able to style themselves, tongue in cheek, as ‘the worst band in Alabama’ for long when people get to hear tracks like Rock Music. A romp through some of the dirtiest, nastiest sounds of the 80s and 90s, Revolting Cocks, Skinny Puppy, Big Audio Dynamite, and a dollop of early electro get roughed up and rearranged with verve and a lot of wit. I can’t imagine the individualistic, no-nonsense approach of the song appealing to everyone, but many of us are sure to find it a fun, enjoyable track. I know I do.

Rock Bitch is out now. You can pre-order or pre-save Ms. Dick on most online outlets, including Bandcamp – click here for further details. You can find out more about Lil White Bitch, their music, and more about Ms. Dick on their Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.