Los Angeles based Luna Shadows had a hand in the production of two great albums – Recover by The Naked and Famous and Turbulence by Ella Vos. It’s no surprise then that she has a strong musical vision of her own, as you can hear on The Nineties.

There’s an echo of Grimes and Purity Ring in the song, as it wraps itself around a synthpop and electronic core. But where Grimes especially goes for gloss and awe, Shadows instead takes a more intimate and occasionally lo-tech route to connecting with the listener. In keeping with the rather sweet old school ambiance of the video, The Nineties has an honesty in the lyrics and an appealing pop aesthetic, lending the song a very open and welcome tone.

Luna disclosed this about the track, “I wrote this song at a time when I was experiencing such debilitating bouts of hypervigilance that the simple act of leaving my home felt frightening: everything everywhere was out to get me.

So many things could go wrong in a day: car accidents, shark attacks, lightning strikes, drowning, losing loved ones… I go through periods where I pull every and any nearby fear into focus. The attempt to fit as many of these fears as possible into an upbeat production for The Nineties was a very deliberate act intended to help me view myself with a lighter heart, to take back some control, and to laugh in the face of my anxious habits.”

You can discover how to stream and download The Nineties by clicking here. Check out Luna Shadows on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out more about the artist and their music.

Photo by Thomas Powers