Molina (aka Rebecca Maria Molina) weaves a poppy yet experimental musical tapestry on her new single Venus, which is out now via Tambourhinoceros.

She cites acts such as Basement Jaxx and Boards of Canada as musical favourites and influences, and that musical duality something you can hear loud and clear on Venus.

For sure there’s the unusual but successful blend of dark 80s genres and more abstract, ambient sounds going on, but there’s also an appreciation that punchy hooks and a catchy chorus can help draw the listener in.

Molina’s vocals add to that sense of the song shifting leftfield sounds in to the pop arena, at times sombre if not mournful, occasionally ominous in tone but always fresh and engaging. With its light yet melancholic tone, Venus is very much music for fallen angels and wistful lovers.

Venus can be downloaded via Bandcamp and streamed on Spotify. For more information on the song and Molina herself, check out her official and label Facebook pages, or click here to view the video for the track.

Photo by Diane Guais