We last caught up with MOLTENO back in December with when we featured Interlines – her collaboration with Tuval. She sees in the Spring of 2020 with the inviting yet reflective sounds of Tripping Up – watch the official video for the song below. The video contains potentially triggering themes.

The smooth yet spartan trap-hop feel to the sound is caressed and softened by MOLTENO’s dreamy and deconstructed RNB vocals. That surprisingly fluid and effective contrast between vocals and arrangement mirrors the complex theme of the lyrics.  It perceptively explores how the positivity of love and relationships can lead to experiences and events that seem born of something darker. MOLTENO herself says the song: “tackles relationship induced toxic behaviour & self-destruction”.

Head over to MOLTENO’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter socials for details on how to listen to Tripping Up, as well as keeping up to date with news about upcoming live dates and releases.