In the lead-up to the release of her sophomore album, Natasha Kmeto has released new single she found me. As you can discover below, the song finds the indie-RNB artist in blistering but deeply moving form.

Deeply atmospheric and at times delightfully deconstructed, Kmeto takes elements of techno, dark wave and future Goth and creates something that plays with the boundaries of music. The elements are there, but she expertly plays with texture and tempo, teasing out moods and sounds, while all the time heightening the emotional message of the lyrics.

She says about she found me, “When I wrote this song, I was a lamenting optimist with little hope for my romantic future, in the traditional sense. I had all but given up on being loved the way I had hoped to be for most of my life. But then I met someone who came into my life like a lightning bolt and illuminated a whole life I had never imagined.”

Natasha Kmeto’s she found me will feature on the upcoming you’ve never danced alone, which will be released on the 25th of September via Future Archive Recordings. You can pre-order the album on Bandcamp.

Catch up with Natasha over on her Instagram and Twitter socials for details on how to listen to the song, as well as keeping up to date with news about the album.