New Music: Kingsbury – All Gone

  • New Music: Kingsbury - All Gone

2017 saw Kingsbury’s sophisticated electropop make quite an impression with listeners on Spotify, with her tracks Emeralds and Alone Again totalling almost a million streams. We predict that 2018 will go the same way, with tracks like All Gone adding to her small but impressive back catalogue.

All Gone sees her deliver a track that taps in to the 80s power ballad genre at times, the arrangement having a booming, driving feel that sounds ready for a film soundtrack – think Chromatics meets Pat Benatar.

The upbeat feel of the chorus and her warm and occasionally fragile vocals are very much in contrast with the lyrics, but that somehow feels fitting. Their repetitive refrain not only getting their message across, but also reminding us that this is something that happens more than once in our lives.

Speaking about the song, Kinsbury says: “There are a million things this song could mean to me, but one is that I’m terrified of death. I almost lost my brother to cancer a few years ago and it was an awakening at an early age that I didn’t expect. I’ve had to wrestle with that anxiety pretty much every day. The closer you get to someone, the worse it is, knowing that they will be “gone” one day and that you will be gone one day. But I’ve come to accept it. Things will always end up moving on and that can beautiful. All gone is about moving on, whether it’s in a relationship, an anxiety, a place in our life, honestly whatever. I hope this song is a place people can come to wrestle with that.”

You can find out more about the inspiration behind the song on Kingsbury’s Facebook page, whilst All Gone is out now via Little Assembly – find out more here.

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