Montreal duo Petrol Taste released Us and the New Moons just after Christmas and it’s a very enjoyable late present! An intriguing and very current song from a very strong EP is the beautiful yet biting Lucky Fire

80s indie and goth are infused with pure pop hooks on a track that is as delicious as it is occasionally unsettling. Like a sour candy, the sugary coating of the ethereal vocals and feather-light melody deceives you like a siren’s song. Once it has you though, the lyrics deliver some uncomfortable truths about the modern world, but more positively, how to deal with it. That comes from a place of love and empowerment however, making you feel like a valued friend and confidante on the receiving end of some not so tough love.

Alex and Romy had this to say about the track: “Lucky Fire is a song we wrote about how hard it is to keep up our appearances in a world that sets an unreachable standard of perfection. It’s about letting go and embracing the natural flow of existence.”

The Us and the New Moons EP is out now and available to stream and download on all major platforms including Bandcamp. Be sure to check the band out over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, where you can keep up to date with news about the song, the band, upcoming releases and more.