New Music: Nina Terry – L’étole de Cachemire

  • New Music: Nina Terry - L'étole de Cachemire

French singer/musician/producer Nina Terry cites David Bowie as a musical influence, but the electronic musician also refers to the likes of Dario Argento and John Carpenter as inspirations. Like them she possesses the ability to paint pictures with sounds and words to trigger the senses. Check out the video for L’étole de Cachemire to discover more.

With a nod to the cinematic sounds of director/auteurs like John Carpenter and David Lynch L’étole de Cachemire comes across as a film in the mind as much as a song. The old school synth sounds, the slowly undulating and changing leads and rhythms, coupled with Terry’s vocals conjure up a sense of splendour and remove.

Her vocals take the song to ethereal heights, smooth, sophisticated and knowing and with a slightly detached air. If the soundtrack to Bladerunner 2049 had sounded like this, the film would have been perfect.

L’étole de Cachemire is the first single from Nina Terry’s debut EP which is due out March 2018. This live version of the song was recorded on December, the 20th, 2017 at Les Trois Baudets in Paris. You can also stream the track on Soundcloud and for more information on the upcoming EP, be sure to keep an eye of her official website.

Photo by Thomas Bader.

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