New Music: Oldman Boykid – Bygones

Oldman Boykid is the recording name of Californian singer/songwriter Daniel Freeman. Freeman describes his work as combining ‘woozy elements of synthetic soundscapes, experimental vocal harmonies, and downtempo beats’. Bygones exemplifies that sound – listen here.

Bygones is a strong song on a strong EP. It creates a dreamlike ambience, like an overly warm summer’s day that entices you to lie in the sun a little bit longer than you really should.

It captivates and uneases you in equal measure, with its childlike vocal style lodged in a lazily menacing backing track. I love the hypnotic and almost psychedelic quality of the song.

Bygones is available via Left Of Field Records, an Australian netlabel which aims to give recognition to and raise money for mental health issues.

By |November 23rd, 2016|

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