Since breaking big on to the music scene over three years ago, Oscar and the Wolf (aka Max Colombie) has made a big impression in his native Belgium and beyond his sultry take on synthpop and more downtempo R&B sounds. He’s racked up tens of millions of plays over on Spotify alone around his debut album Entity and is sure to follow that up with his upcoming album Infinity and its lead track Breathing.

Colombie says about the track: “Breathing to me is a sexy track, sun-drenched in melancholy. A celebration of sadness for creatures of the night. The video reflects me as a performer as one of those creatures. My skin made from diamonds reflecting the moon in an otherworldly landscape. Basically, I made myself look in a way I want to look every day, in the landscape of my dreams”

The track is available now for purchase in all major digital stores to stream on Spotify and it’s worth checking out the amazing video for Breathing – it’s like a Rembrant come to life! Infinity is due out later this year on PIAS, but is up already for preorder.