New Music: Pleasure Crisis – Drive

  • New Music: Pleasure Crisis - Drive

Dallas trio Pleasure Crisis have self-released a new, eponymous album. Featuring nine tracks and one remix, one of the highlights for us is the aptly named Drive – check it out below!

Along with the rest of the album, Drive takes inspiration from the past – some from the early 80s American take on New Wave and British pop – so think sweeping melodies, upbeat choruses and a real sense of fun and occasional melodrama thrown in to the mix.

Moody and magnificent, occasionally classic in style but always fresh and fun; it has a timeless yet current ambience that will draw aficionados of modern and vintage pop in with delightful ease.

With Drive, Brandi Paige (vocals, guitar), Brian Johnson (synths, drums) and Cameron Brand (bass, synths) offer up a track and indeed an LP that interpret and update synthwave, vaporwave and more, demonstrating that something new and exciting can be done with genres that can often fall in to the trap of recreating sounds rather than appreciating them.

Drive and Pleasure Crisis (the album) are both out now, streaming on Spotify and also available on Amazon and all major digital outlets. For more information, check out the band’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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