Erwin Tuijl and Desirée Coumans – the duo that makes up Pocket Knife Army – show they have the chops to recreate their sound live on this moody rendition on Kill The Watches. Check out the video they did with 27tapes to get a flavour of what they can do.

The track, which comes from their Forever Counting Sheep album, is a beautifully textured affair, taking some inspiration from early 80s post-punk and New Wave, but applying a layer of experimental electronica and trip hop inspired moody beats.

Sometimes delicate, sometimes hard and muscular, it all revolves around Coumans’ delightfully expressive vocals, her humanity seeping in to every moment of the song.

Forever Counting Sheep is available on the band’s webshop, including in a very impressively packaged vinyl version. You can catch up with the band on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.