POM (aka Pussy of Medusa) are a three-piece electronic indie art-rock project based in Los Angeles. Jeremy Amato, Valerie Burkholder and Lauren Taler say their musical chemistry was nearly instantaneous, with a slew of releases culminating in new track Can’t Get Over U.

The track has a delightful balance of electro and indie influences, as dense but energetic synths succeed in effortlessly creating a dark, brooding atmosphere.

Trip hop and rock nuances in the vocals break through at times, with elements of the arrangement giving the song a filmic feel. In essence it’s a belter of an electropop track, with the heightened emotion of the lyrics and sense of raw pop power finely in sync with each other.

Can’t Get Over U is out now, you can find more information on how to stream and download the song here. It’s the second single from their upcoming EP which is still in production, so keep an eye on their Facebook page for more information around released dates.