New Music: Road Kahan – Blue Velvet

  • New Music: Road Kahan - Blue Velvet

Coming out of Amsterdam, duo Road Kahan, made up of Daan van de Pol and Bardo Camp, have whipped up a pulsatingly addictive slice of low-key dancefloor oriented electronica on Blue Velvet. With individual backgrounds on the harder side of dance, the duo have teamed up to swap pumping bass for emotive beats designed to stir emotions on this real slow burner.

The romantic nature of the track was inspired by the other track of the same name,  famously sung by Bobby Vinton and Lana Del Rey – but it has a very modern twist on the spirit behind that song, offering hope instead of memories. You can discover more about the band via their website, and for streaming information on Blue Velvet, follow this link.

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