Lover Like You is a very soulful affair from Rudie Edwards, channelling the likes of Chic (especially in the Nile Rodgers evoking guitar solo!) and elements of electro-disco (remember Shannon and Taylor Dane?) to create an infectious, mid-tempo, dance floor number that will get people shaking it all over. Watch it here.

In possessing a voice reminiscent of Solange Knowles, Edwards showcases a real maturity – unsurprising for someone that has written for CeeLo Green and Erik Hassle in the past – and overlays that with the message that a woman can be assertive about her sexuality.

As Edwards says herself:  “The mission is to wake people up… I want to make some bloody noise that doesn’t sound like all of the other bloody noise out there.” She certainly pulls that off on Lover Like You – a track that has the all the hallmarks of Prince in his heyday.