RVBY MY DEAR is the art-pop project of Gabbi Coenen, who along with Darren Denman (keys/piano), Prawit Siriwat (guitar) and Abel Tabares (drums) conjures up a more muscular take on trip hop with new single Draw which is out now.

The Australian musician is currently based in Brooklyn, but there’s a decidedly Anglophonic ambience to the piece, with references to Massive Attack and Portishead gently breaking through.

But that more brooding atmosphere is amplified by a more direct, upfront post-punk/darkwave influence, though with an emphasis on melody and some rather instantly memorable hooks.

You get a broadly cinematic air as the track unfolds, but rather than the sometimes-claustrophobic template you’d associate with the Bristolian legends mentioned above, Draw instead has a more intimate yet still sombre sound that still feels expansive and electrifying.

For more information on the song and you can check out Bandcamp, Facebook and Twitter.