New Music: Saint Nomad – El Dorado

  • New Music: Saint Nomad - El Dorado

Musical trio and brothers Nikita (Vocals), Ruslan (Keyboards/Guitar) and Yan (Drums) previously garnered acclaim under the name Everfound, but a new name sees the sound move on and take wings. Check out El Dorado, their debut as Saint Nomad, below.

The trio cite Tame Impala, Phantogram and 90s Russian rock as musical influences and you can hear that seep though in their redeveloped sound.

Smooth vocals glide into gently pristine synths, a sombre, serious bassline and an exotic sounding lead guitar that help to reinforce the message of El Dorado which echoes the essence of the myth of the same name: searching for treasure. Though in this case they find it – unlike the Conquistadors of old!

Ruslan, the producer and co-writer of the trio, elaborates on what the song means to him: “The legend of an ancient city of gold – El Dorado – was the inspiration behind the song. I often pursue things in life as if possessed by them, and when I arrive at that ‘thing’, the new level of happiness lasts for a season and I’m right back to the pursuit. I never arrive; it’s as if I’m chasing a legend, a myth. The remedy is to live in the present, in the now, because that’s all we really get.“

El Dorado is out now via Curb Records and features on the band’s Memento Mori album which was released in  August. You can stream it over on Spotify and grab a copy via all major digital services.

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