Quick on the heels of Dark comes another moody stormer of a track from the Ashville quintet Secret Shame’s soon to be released Dark Synthetics album. Have a listen to the song below – you won’t be disappointed.

Like their previous release, there’s those hints at early 80s goth and post-punk, but here the tempo is slower, the ambience darker and the beats almost tribal. Lena’s vocals are dominant and dangerous, giving the song a ritual edge, as well as creating that eerie sense of clarity that comes before calamity hits. Hints of Drab Majesty and Ash Code bubble away under the surface as a point of musical reference, leaving Calm once again breathing new life into a long-established genre.

Dark Synthetics is now up for pre-order in digital, CD and cassette formats on Bandcamp. Be sure to check out Secret Shame’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for news on the album, the band and upcoming live dates including a gig on September 8th in Richmond, Virginia.