The grit of Industrial Berlin meets a neon clad Tokyo on the seamless cultural fusion that is Amenouzume by SEMIOSIS. Check it out below.

A track that can exist as successfully in the living room as it does on the dancefloor, it brings an experimental edge to its techno and old school EBM flavoured rhythms.

Mechanical beats and loops are humanised and enriched by the use of Japanese sounds and textures, resulting in Amenouzume bringing its euphoric take on future-shock electronica into the here and now.

The duo had this to say about the track: “Amenouzume is the name of god of dance and art in Japanese mythology. We produced this music to represent the scene of ‘God’s festival’ in this mythology. We try to integrate voice of Ancient Japanese and Techno music. We used not only Japanese traditional musical instruments, but also Japanese traditional rhythm, which called ‘Shin-Gaku’ in this music.”

Amenouzume is from the upcoming Mythological Parade album. The track can also be streamed on Soundcloud – why not check out their Instagram and Facebook pages to find out more about the band and their music.