Melbourne five-piece SENTIA have been busy prepping for the follow up to their debut 2016 EP Origins, and have dropped the first of a series of releases in the form of new song Bruisin – check out the Jesse O’Brien directed video below.

The pleasant surprise in Bruisin is how well the flow between the progressive rock and more synthwave foundations of the arrangement work. There’s a rich, involved feel to the song, but it eschews the often icy tones of synthwave and the self-reverential nature of prog to create a sound that is human, relatable yet still has a sense of grandeur to it.

Amos Phillips’ vocals play a large part in bridging the genre gap with a voice that has the power and range to act as a unifying and coalescing force, as well providing a real sense of belief and emotion to the lyrics, all giving the song a sold inner strength.

Bruisin is out now and can be streamed on Soundcloud and Spotify – you can find more details by following this link.