Chicago quintet Silent Age take a lot of inspiration from post-punk but from a more personal, anthemic stance on new release Scattered (Never Let Me Go).

Hints of The Sound and The Chameleons reverberate throughout the song, but there’s a sense of rhythm and melody that comes across like something you’d expect from Hüsker Dü.

Post-punk can often come across as an abstract or soulless affair, with mood triumphing over the music, but Silent Age have brought out real humanity in their interpretation of the genre.

Introspective but never isolative or removed from its surroundings, Scattered (Never Let Me Go) engenders a real sense of warmth and openness with its sublime and soulful take on classic post-punk.

Scattered (Never Let Me Go) is from Display, the current album from Silent Age. The album can be downloaded on Bandcamp and is available on vinyl via Play Alone Records.