Sofi Tukker can always be relied on to entertain and occasionally scandalise with their blend of pop, pulsating basslines and joyful celebration of sex and sexuality. They’ve somehow upped the ante on their new track Mi Rumba which is out now and is a collaboration with the always inventive, always up for it, ZHU.

It just oozes sex – straight, gay, any combination and any deviation from the norm you can think of – as longs as it’s fun, upfront and unapologetic for its existence.

Debauched and decadent, nevertheless it’s still fun, taking the sometimes not so correlation between dancing and sex, exposing it and some not so secret desires to the world.

Brazil meets Chicago meets Frankfurt in a Latin rhythm and house bassline that is certain to get people gyrating on the dancefloor – and maybe elsewhere to its horn infused goodness!

Speaking about the track, the duo had this to say. “ZHU is a great producer and we were excited to get in the room together and see what would happen! It was a really fun and natural process and we were up dancing and laughing most of the time. It’s dirty and we love it.”

Sofi Tukker will be performing live as well as playing DJ sets in the next few months all around the world so be sure to keep an eye on their Facebook and other social media for details.