There’s something wonderfully subversive about the music of Toronto singer-songwriter STACEY. If you’ve not heard anything by her before, I won’t spoil that until after you’ve watched the official video for her new single, DMT.

It shamelessly but delightfully riffs on The Beatles’ later work and, I suspect, Smile by The Beach Boys. Psychedelia, the early wanderings of Ken Kesey, baroque pop, and daydream vocals swim around each other, separate yet acting as one, creating a sensation where the mind is encouraged to fly ever higher while time seems to move ever more slowly.

STACEY says about the inspiration behind the song, “DMT is a fun, modern exploration of psych-pop. I wrote it with some of my favourite songwriters, Canadian duo Babygirl. We let our brains run free with melody and lyrics and of course a love for Beatles-y vibes. I’m a big psych-rock enthusiast, old and new, and was excited to dip my toe into that world.”

DMT is out now – click here for listening options. Head over to STACEY’s Instagram and Twitter accounts where to find out more about the artist, her music, and the Saturn Return album.