With her Saturn Return album scheduled for release early next year, Canada’s Stacey follows up DMT with the psychedelia-infused One Woman.

It sees her add a country twang to her psychedelic-infused sound, which brings a very modern, dreampop sheen to the song. That country feel is also present in the lyrics, as if Helen Reddy or Bobbie Gentry teamed up with The Byrds to set the world to rights. Pessimism never sounded so charming and beguiling.

Stacey say: “One Woman grapples with the inevitable feelings of hopelessness and futility that come with wanting to change the world, while simultaneously existing under the weight of it. It is the impossibility of standing at the bottom of a mountain of sorrows and you alone are not enough to move it. A snapshot of feeling small. I wrote One Woman Summer 2019 with my friend Brandon Wolfe Scott who also produced it. With every horror 2020 brings us I wonder if I am unknowingly psychic.”

One Woman is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms – click here for details. Head over to her Instagram or Twitter socials to keep up with news from Stacey and the Saturn Return album.

Photo by Kirsty Benjamin