New Music: Steppenkind – River Sets You Free

  • New Music: Steppenkind - River Sets You Free

Berlin-based Steppenkind is the coming together of Irish native Brendan Cleary and German Can Winter. Their bewitching first release is the track River Sets You Free, and the duo have commissioned a Louis Vignat directed video to accompany the song.

With a slightly deceiving guitar led and spoken word intro, River Sets You Free quickly establishes its electronic credentials, with a more experimental take on Berlin techno coming straight to the fore.

A pounding and almost industrial rhythm sets the scene for elements of drone and post rock to combine, giving the track a motorik intensity. The spoken word aspect of the track really sets it apart, giving it a moving, elegiac edge, like Beckett dancing to the beat of an altogether different drum.

The band say two more releases in the coming months will precede their debut album Walk Along Your River; which they describe as a ‘narrative depiction of an individual’s journey from despair to supposed liberation’. River Sets You Free is out now and currently streaming on Spotify and GooglePlay.

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