Toronto-based trio The Soft Season (originally Brian Gallant, Duncan Boyd but now including vocalist Amani Sabry) say the band has a more synth-driven sound than their previous musical projects. Having released the You Are Loved EP late 2018, they’re back with a new track called Northern Majesty.

A stirringly icy intro takes the listener unawares, a real statement of intent before the song fully takes flight. You can hear elements of fellow Toronto act TR/ST in the mix, dark synths and an upbeat yet rumbling bass line lending Northern Majesty a sense of club-friendly melancholy. Amani Sabry’s vocals provide the humanising thread that weaves the arrangement together, as if at one with the electronic heart of the song, imbuing the solid-state sound with an organic sheen.

Northern Majesty is out now and can also be streamed on Spotify, information on other streaming and downloading options can the found on the band’s Facebook page and Instagram accounts.