Hailing from Athens in Greece, The Zero Won (Jason Ziogas, Vasilis Kampouris, Polina Leshnevskaia and Theodoros Georgakopoulos) create what they call ‘Cosmic Disco’.  New track Rooftop will certainly take you to the stars!

The track, which also features Sma Rag Da, has a real sad pop feel to it, even though the percussion gives it a bright, tight feel. The heartfelt quality to the vocals and the yearning in the lyrics engender in the listener a real sense of empathy with the emotions of display, touching and with an air of honesty.

The synths blend synthpop with Nu Disco here, giving Rooftop a sense of lightness and joy at odds with the lyrics, but this works to actually bring out the emotions in them even more as if they’re they key by which their message is uncoded.

Rooftop is from the band’s Changed EP which is currently streaming on Spotify.