Tony Njoku’s music can be a deliciously bewildering kaleidoscope of sounds and styles at times, but his unbridled creativity manages to draw those strands together in to a unified, unique vision. His recent track Rapture exemplifies his sound and bodes well for his upcoming album.

Rapture exists in a very unusual but beautiful space, the ethereal vocals giving the song a childlike innocence in parts. Sudden swerves in to darker, more muscular musical territory provide a jolting yet pleasing contrast to that. If Thom Yorke, Anohni and Childish Gambino were to work together, it might something like this, but would it be as good? I doubt it.

Tony had this to say about the album and the underlying themes behind it and Rapture: “The motto for this album is “feelings are facts”, derived from the title of another popular art piece by Olafur Eliasson. The purpose of the piece is to heighten your sense of disorientation whilst experiencing it, which triggers a more visceral/instinctive reaction rather than an intellectual response to the work. With YPRP I’ve tried to do the same, it’s meant to be experiential rather than narrative.”

Tony Njoku’s Rapture is out now click here for more information on how to stream and download the album. The song will feature on his upcoming Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama album which will be released October 4th via Silent Kid Records. To find out more about Tony, as well as the album and  any upcoming live dates, check out his Instagram, Twitter and Facebook socials.