We covered Eighteen by Los Angeles queer pop duo TWINKIDS back in September, and they’ve not rested on their laurels, following it up with the equally shimmering and sublime I Luv You.

The track is a wonderfully fresh take on the 80s electro ballad as it slowly unfurls lyrically, gently ratcheting up the emotion, verse by verse, hook by hook. Dramatic percussion and soft synths create the perfect air of nostalgia from which singer Gene can reflect on times past and how they can affect the present. Heartache rarely sounded so good.

Gene says about the inspiration for the track: “I Luv You is about the time I saw someone I used to love with someone else. Maybe I still loved him, I don’t know. After that breakup, I had found myself not knowing exactly how to fill my time because so much of my time had been spent with my partner. To fill that void, I rushed into friendships with people who felt too cool and weren’t quite right for me. But at least I felt like I was moving on. And then, I saw my ex with someone, and it all came crashing down. In that moment I yearned for him so desperately.”

I Luv You is out now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major digital platforms including Spotify. Be sure to head on over to the duo’s Facebook, Instagram or Twitter accounts for news of the song, the band and much more.