Based in Los Angeles, Australian outfit VOWWS certainly capture the spirit of the times with new song Impulse Control. You can watch the accompanying video for the track below.

The band calls their sound ‘Death-Pop,’ and you can hear why. With a sound that feels equally at home in the more layered tracks of Massive Attack, but also the neon flamboyant intensity of IAMX, Impulse Control is brooding and ominous in turn. Underpinned by bleak, industrial sounds, the track doesn’t let up at any point, but the strength in the vocals and chorus add a welcome sense of drama to the song’s evocation of dystopia.

Here’s what the duo had to say about the track: “It’s a unique time for humanity, the machine has stopped and we’re all in solitary having to deal with ourselves. There’s a lot of anxiety that we can’t really run from. Like everyone else, we’re processing a huge shock and experiencing things we’ve never dealt with before.

“We’re grateful to have an outlet for some of the angst, it feels like the best way we can work through something this intense is to capture the feeling. A lot of the song came out of nowhere, straight from the void probably.”

To get more information on how to listen to VOWWS’ Impulse Control, just follow this link. You can get news about upcoming gigs and releases also via the band’s Instagram and Facebook socials.