20-year-old Southern California native WRENN is one of the stars of Tik Tok, having amassed over a million followers. To most of us, she’s known for great tunes like last year’s Craigslist Personals and new single Maggie Gyllenhal.

There’s so much going on here, and all of if it is deliciously wonderful to listen to. With an Avril Lavinge meets St Vincent attitude coming from the vocals, WRENN brings a vulnerable yet spiky quality to the song. A post-punk bass line adds a real sense of movement to the track as the melody ebbs and flows to reinforce the two-edged message of the lyrics.

WRENN shared this about the inspiration behind Maggie Gyllenhal. “I wrote this song after I got on TikTok for the first time & saw the resurgence of 90s fashion that’s been completely taking over. I’ve been so inspired by that community lately and wanted to create an anthem that feels the way this new aesthetic feels. A reflection of the old, with a passion for the new. Overall, it just makes me happy.”

Maggie Gyllenhal is out now – click here to discover listening options, or head over to WRENN’s Tik Tok, Instagram and Twitter socials where you can get to know the artist and their music.