You don’t often come across deliriously dissonant disco like Zem’s Everyday very often. That is a positive thing in some ways as it might take away from the refreshing blend of innocence and heartache on display here.

The track has a broken tribal feel, with the sounds of the cold far north and the sun-bleached co-existing within its rhythms. It makes it as primal as it is electronic, but the balance is tipped in favour of the human side of proceedings by the Nordic goddess vocals of Ayla, which trickle delicately like fresh water over cold marble.

The trio describes their new single as ‘An act of love for their loved ones. The ones that always lift you up and stands close to you. Everyday is a thank you as well as an apology to those who are close to you. A gift to those who matter the most, the ones that you often take for granted.’

Everyday is out now on Stockholm’s Record Union and is the third and final single from their band’s debut EP, which is due for release in August. Catch up with them on their socials including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for news of releases, live appearances and more.