New Music: Zoë McPherson – Inouï (and free)

  • New Music: Zoë McPherson - Inouï (and free)

We featured Zoë Mc Pherson’s Sabotage Story back in September, and she has followed that up with   Inouï (and free) which is another instalment in the visually and sonically stunning audio-visual album String Figures. Like the previous track, the visuals are as much of a delight and integral piece of the offering as the music, as you can see below.

Inouï (and free) is another audio-visual collaboration between from Belgium-based musician Mc Pherson and Italian director Alessandra Leone. In keeping with the previous release, the track features folk sounds, in this case throat singing from the Inuit people.

It’s fused with an array of tribal beats and percussion, with elements of krautrock, techno and Industrial lending the music an almost hallucinogenic air. The bright and clear visuals play on the overall ‘string’ concept of the album, but seamlessly blend the organic nature of strings with high tech and high concept images and visual metaphors.

We watched the clip on a large screen with the music up loud and the effect was simply stunning. For sure, the music can stand on its own, but when combined with the visual the effect is pure magic.

As well as viewing the video on YouTube, you can stream the track now on Spotify and Soundcloud, whilst the String Figures album is due out on the 2nd March via SVS Records.

Photo by Camille Cooken

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