Singer Madelyn Deutch and producer Piers Baron are fairly prolific in other guises and fields, but their Los Angeles based electronic/futurepop project BLEITCH has been quiet for the last two years or so after the release of Speaking of Moments. Well, they’re back and the long wait has been ended in style with Vaseline Tigers.

A fun filled and feisty paean to independence and self-confidence, the occasionally retro feel (is that a sax style solo going on there?) to the arrangement blends well with the otherwise very current air.

It echoes the classic 80s pop of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper but with a more overt sense of knowing the self and leading the conversation.

Catchy, captivating and maybe a bit controversial lyrically, it’s a wonderful pop track that’s sure to get your feet moving and your arms waving.

Vaseline Tigers is now and can be streamed or downloaded on all major platforms – you can find out more information here.