BONANDER – Quit Everything and Become a Princess

  • BONANDER - Quit Everything and Become a Princess

BONANDER is an artist/musical project by Ellinor Sterner, supported by the musicians Elias Ortiz (drums), Linnea Svedmyr (keys) and Olov Domeij (bass). Based in Stockholm, Sweden her sound explores some of the darker and more political areas of electro. Check out her new track Quit Everything and Become a Princess.

Bonander’s vocals have echoes of the imperious eccentricity of artists like Björk and Kate Bush, but tempered with the at-times delicate sensitivity of artists like Robyn and Frida Sundemo. The arrangement is expansive and sweeping, as if the soundtrack to a stirring speech in a big screen sci-fi epic.

That’s quite fitting as Bonander says the track is an anthem to empowerment and release from gender coded expectations and obligations. She says the track is written for all the female and non-binary people who feel constrained by gender norms, adding “I often feel trapped in how I behave and act in life because of my gender and I know I’m not the only one.” 

Quit Everything And become a Princess is her second single on Sweden’s Icons Creating Evil Art and can also be streamed on Spotify.

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