With his sophomore EP Youth In Retrograde fresh off the blocks, electronica musician and producer Brian Bradley has dropped the electro/organic euphoria of MPLS 2029 as a lead single.

The Minnesota-based musician takes indie-electronica and gives it a very lyrical sound, with classical overtones (Bradley is a classically trained pianist) adding a sense of grandeur and artistry to what is essentially a pop song.

With a vocal style that sounds as if it was nurtured in the wide-open spaces of a wilderness entranced in perpetual summer, Bradley delivers a touching and tender performance that would melt the iciest of hearts.

Bradley describes Youth in Retrograde as a collection of songs about ‘love, loss, youth, memory, and the future’ – something it does with a minimal fuss but maximum effect.

MPLS 2029 and Youth In Retrograde are out now via Bonfire Records, and available on Spotify and all major digital platforms.  if you want to keep up with Bradley’s gigs, new music and ongoing installation pieces, give him a follow on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.