New Music: Capac – O Holy Night

  • New Music: Capac - O Holy Night

We covered Capac’s intoxicatingly dark Ach Bittrer Winter quite recently, and it’s a quick return to the blog for the band’s bewitching take on the darker reaches of metal-infused electronica, this time in the form of new single, O Holy Night. Relax, it’s very much not a Christmas song!

Capac say on their Bandcamp page that ‘Destruction, after all, is a form of creation.’ And that is certainly the approach they take on O Holy Night. Once again, they utilise sonic elements such as the electric guitar and through technological wizardry turn them in to brooding, almost immersive electronica.

Whereas the likes of Sunn O)))) use sheer force at times to overwhelm the listener, Capac utilise slow but steady waves of repeating dronelike motifs (the band say they used a lot of saturation and overdrive effects on the track), to cocoon rather than subdue the listener in the band’s primal take on electronica.

O Holy Night is the second track from Capac’s second album, Through the Dread Waste, which is forthcoming on This Is It Forever on February 23rd. You can find out more about ordering the album, which also comes in vinyl form, here.

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